How to Dispose Salon Waste

Every day salons and spas yield tons of waste which must be managed and disposed according to the set regulations. How to Dispose Salon WasteThis especially true for the hazardous waste found in most hair products, nail polish, nail glue, cleaning products among others.

Failure to comply with EPA regulations for disposing hazardous waste is likely to cost you in terms of fines and penalties.

If you’re a salon owner/worker, then here an easy guide on how to dispose salon waste.

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Effects of Salon Waste to the Environment

Salon waste generally falls into three categories including chemical waste, solid waste and cleaning products. Each type of waste affects the environment differently and therefore must be disposed according to the set regulations.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of salon waste and why it’s a threat to the environment.

1. Chemical Waste

Chemical waste may include shampoos, hair dyes, bleaches, hair relaxers, wax solvent, nail polish, nail glue and so on. These products contain chemicals which are not only harmful to the user but also to the environment and it inhabitants.

When washed down the drain, these chemicals will end up depositing toxic elements into the environment. This provides a good avenue for toxic and health-compromising elements to enter the food chain and contaminate drinking water.

These chemical pollutants also contaminate recreational water facilities while contributing to global loss of biodiversity.

2. Solid Waste

Salons and spas produce large amounts of solid waste, most of which is non-biodegradable. From hair clippings, foils to packaging materials, solid waste from salons puts pressure on the already congested landfills.

Solid waste also includes sharp objects like acupuncture needles, blades and tattoo needles.

3. Cleaning Products

Everyday salons use various products to clean and sanitize floors, surfaces and appliances. These may include disinfectants, bleaches, sanitizers, sterilizers. With the outbreak of Covid-19, there’s has been an increased use of cleaning and sanitizing agents to minimize spread.

The EPA recommends using environmentally-friendly cleaning agents to avoid contaminating the environment with toxic or non-biodegradable chemicals.

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How to Dispose Different Types of Salon Waste

As you can see, there’re different types of waste from the salon or spa. Waste management programs provide guidelines for disposing different types of waste so that they have the least effect on the environment.

Proper salon waste management involves storing different forms of waste in separate bins and placing it a safe location for scheduled collection. You’ll have to check with your local garbage collection services to know the collection day for hazardous waste.

If you’re a new salon owner, then here are some insights on how to manage the different types of waste at your premises.

Categorize your Waste

The different types of salon waste should be bagged differently and placed in their respective collection bins. Bin bags come in different colors indicating the type of trash you should use them for.

So, ensure you have different bags for hazardous waste, recyclable, non-recyclable, bio-waste, donations and so on. Bags for hazardous waste are usually made of heavy-duty materials to avoid puncture. Plus you should not put used needles, razor blades and other sharp objects in the hazardous waste bag.

Seal the Bags Air-Tight

Different forms of hazardous salon waste should be bagged in separate bin bags and sealed air-tight to prevent reaction.


Waste management inspectors usually make random visits to business premises to see whether owners have complied with the set guidelines. So, ensure that your trash cans are properly labelled to avoid penalties.

Proper labelling ensures that salon waste is disposed of correctly to minimize its effects on humans, animals and the environment.

Designated Storage

Trash bins should be placed in a permanent designated area where there’s little human traffic. The location should not be near electrical panels since some of the waste is highly flammable. Plus avoid storing your food near such trash bins to avoid contamination or poisoning.

Tips for Reducing Salon Waste

Reducing waste has been of the pillars of waste management. Not only has this proved effective at home but you can also adopt it the salon to minimize waste. You’ll be helping ease pressure on the already congested landfills.

So, what can you do to reduce salon waste?


If possible buy salon products in bulk since they come with less packaging. Some suppliers have recycling programs where they collect their packaging materials for recycling during their next delivery. If your supplier offers such services, you can seize the opportunity to minimize waste from your salon.


Containers and bottles that don’t contain hazardous chemicals can be washed off and tossed in the recycling bin. Other recyclable items include daily accessories like milk cartons, drink cans, magazines, newspapers and so on.


Donated hair clippings can used to makes wigs for people who have lost their hair during cancer treatment. Waste hair also finds good use in cleaning oil spills.


Salon and spas produce clinical, recyclable, non-recyclable waste and sharp waste. Each of these types of waste ought to be disposed appropriately to minimize their effects on humans and the environment.

The above article offer some insights about managing salon waste. For more information about waste management in your locality, consult waste management service providers near your business premises.

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