How to Clean Grease off Stainless Steel Range Hood

While your stainless steel range hood cannot corrode, it can lose its shiny look when it accumulates grease and dirt. How to Clean Grease off Stainless Steel Range HoodThe good news is that you can give your kitchen hood a brand-new look by following simple guidelines.

Below is a guide on how to how to clean grease off stainless steel range hood to give its initial lustre.

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How Does a Range Hood Work?

Placed above the cooktop, a range hood provides a means for removing grease, steam, odor and smoke from the surrounding air. Not only does this keep your walls clean but it also freshens your kitchen.

The hood’s filter provides a means for trapping grease from the air so that it won’t accumulate in the hood, ducts and chimney.

If the filter accumulates too much grease and grime, it won’t be able to extract grease and other particles from the air. As result, you may start seeing stains on your walls due to accumulated grease and smoke. If you have installed a smoke alarm, you are likely to hear alarm responses.

How to Clean Grease off Stainless Steel Range Hood


  • Large pan
  • Old toothbrush
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Drying towel or rags

Step #1 – Remove the Filter

Range hood filters are designed in such a way that you can push them from the bottom and slide them out. Some of them are equipped with two handle which make it more convenient to remove.

Step #2 – Soak the Filter in Hot Water

  • Pour boiling water in the pan (enough to submerge the range hood filter).
  • Add dishwasher detergent to water and stir a little bit.
  • Place the filter in the pan so that it’s completely submerged in the boiling water.
  • Allow the filter to soak for about fifteen minutes so that the solution can cut through the grease for easier removal.

Step #3 – Scrub with an Old Toothbrush

Even before you start scrubbing, you’ll see grease and grime disintegrating from the filter and water beginning to turn brownish.

  • Remove the range hood filter from the water.
  • Spread dishwasher detergent on the range hood filter.
  • Scrub thoroughly with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Scrub even harder on the visible stains.

Step #4 – Rinse the Filter

Once you have scrubbed both sides of the filter, rinse it using the high pressure side faucet. Use a clean towel to dry out the filter.

Step #5 – Install the Filter

You can see how easy it is to clean a stainless steel range hood. Now you can re-install the filter by sliding it back in its compartment.

Step #6 – Clean the Vent and Outer Surfaces

Now that that you have cleaned grease from the filter, you need to clean the interior and exterior of the range hood. It would look awkward to have a shiny filter on a dull hood.

  • Make a scouring paste using baking soda, dish washer detergent and boiling water.
  • Using a soft dishwashing cloth, smear the paste on the inside and outside the vent and give it five minutes to soak.
  • Scrub all the surfaces with the dish scrubber and then wipe with a wet cloth.

3 Signs That Your Range Hood Needs Replacement

Regularly cleaning your range hood can keep your its life. However, when it’s completely out of place, it won’t effectively extract grease and other particles from your kitchen. So, how do you know it’s time to install a new range hood?

Below are some good indicators that your range hood needs replacement.

1. Reduced Efficiency

If the range hood isn’t extracting unwanted particles effectively, then you’ll have problems such as grease deposits on surfaces and excessive smoke. This is especially true if you have already cleaned the hood filter severally but there’s no improvement in air quality.

2. Loses its Aesthetics

No amount of cleaning and maintenance will bring an extremely old range hood back to its original lustre. It may look completely out of place and compromise the aesthetics of the entire kitchen.

3. Damaged Parts

If you bought a poor quality range hood, it may not last you very long. It may sustain dents thus resulting in reduced efficiency.


A clean range hood filter promotes effective extraction of grease and other particles from the surrounding. Not only does this keep surfaces clean but it also improves the quality of the air in the kitchen and other rooms.

As you have seen, no matter the amount of grease and grime that has accumulated in the filter, it’s possible to restore clean it out.

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