How to Clean Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron is quickly being replaced by more reliable and readily available piping materials like PVC, ABS and HDPE. However, cast iron plumbing still exists in many homes that were built before 1975. While cast iron pipes tend to last long, they require regular maintenance once they become old.

In this guide, I will show you how to clean cast iron pipes with easy-to-follow steps.

How to Clean Cast Iron Pipes

Common Cast Iron Pipes Problems

Cast iron pipes tend to corrode easily whenever they become old. Over time, the inner walls become less smooth due to corrosion deposits. Solid particles tend to settle on the rugged surfaces formed by corrosion deposits.

Eventually, you end up with slow drains, septic back-ups or even broken pipes.

Broken cast iron pipes are responsible for infections and ground water contamination. Critters may access your house through broken pipes and expose your family to disease-causing germs.

You also suffer property damage whenever there’s a leaking pipe inside your walls. Leaking water makes the wall damp thus promoting mold growth and paint removal.

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