Decorative Trash Cans for Living Room

Your living room trash can doesn’t have look out of place anymore. Decorative Trash Cans for Living RoomIf you search the internet, you’ll find stylish decorative trash cans to add accent to your interior décor. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors and materials.

See my reviews below for the best decorative trash cans for living room, office, kitchen and bathroom.

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Decorative Trash Cans for Living Room

1. mDesign Decorative Woven Trash Basket

Designed for decorative purposes, mDesign woven trash basket makes a descent choice for living rooms, bedroom, kids’ playroom and office. The woven design results in a natural and stylish look to blend well with your interior décor.

mDesign Decorative Woven Trash Basket

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It available in natural colors which bring about an organic appearance to your living room.

The trash bin comes with a metal frame which allows it to maintain its shape for a long times. Backed by the synthetic material, mDesign trash basket guarantees heightened durability. Plus you can wipe with wet towel.

What’s more, you can use this trash bin as a decorative storage basket for magazines, novels among other items.

  • Decorative woven design
  • Natural colors
  • Durable synthetic material
  • Water proof
  • A bit small

2. Rustic Decorative Indoor Trash Can

If you’re planning to upgrade your living room trash can, then consider something that blends well with your interior décor.

Rustic Decorative Indoor Trash Can

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By making use 100% fir wood, the trash can exhibits heightened resistance to twisting or warping. Fir is also known for its excellent waterproofness properties. The outer coating adds to its waterproofness while making it easy to clean.

Each purchase entails a large and small trash bin. You can use the large trash bin in the kitchen since there’s a lot of trash to handle. The smaller one is ideal for living rooms, bedside or toilet.

What’s more, the wide range of colors allows you to match rustic trash cans with décor.

  • Durable wood construction
  • Waterproof
  • Different colors
  • Stylish rustic finish
  • Comes with handles
  • Small size

3. Basdhe Interior Décor Trash Can

Add a golden touch to your interior décor with the Basdhe decorative trash can. It’s a compact trash can to keep in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, craft room or office.

Basdhe Interior Décor Trash Can

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This is also good for storing small items like magazines, novels, kids’ toys and so on.

It’s made of ceramic which is fired to 1280°C for enhanced strength. This also makes it waterproof and less prone to scratches. With the smooth surface finish, it’s easy to wash or wipe Basdhe ceramic trash can.

Since its heavy, your pets won’t topple or slide this trash can off the floor.

Basdhe ceramic decorative trash cans are also available in different shapes and colors. So, you can choose one that blends perfectly with your interior décor.

  • Durable ceramic trash can
  • Stylish golden finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact
  • Heavy and stable on the floor
  • Prone to breakages

4. Simplehuman Stainless Steel Rose Gold Step-On Trash Can

A trusted brand, Simplehuman makes trash cans that meet customer expectations and personal preferences. If you’re looking for decorative trash cans for your living room or kitchen, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Rose Gold Step-On Trash Can

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It’s a compact semi-round trash can that saves space around your kitchen, living room, craft room or office. And it’s the rose gold finish that makes ideal for interior décor.

Fingerprint-proof surface finish makes the trash can less prone to smudges. Plus it’s easy to wipe with a damp cloth.

By making use of stainless steel on the body and pedal, the trash guarantees many years of usage.

With the lid shox technology, the lid closes slowly and silently.

The removable inner bucket makes garbage disposal even more convenient and hygienic.

  • Durable construction
  • Stylish rose gold finish
  • Compact size
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Durable stainless steel pedal
  • Silent lid closure
  • Relatively pricey

5. Mosaic Decorative Bathroom Trash Cans

Bring elegance to your bathroom with mosaic art. Mosaic art is no longer reserved for certain areas of the house. Nowadays, mosaic art is employed in every corner of the house including living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and outdoors.

Mosaic Decorative Bathroom Trash Cans

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And with decorative trash can, you’ll be adding a mosaic accent to your living room, kitchen or office. You can use this as a trash can or a storage vase for magazines, books and other small items in your living room.

Owing to its heavy-duty construction, the trash guarantees prolonged usage. Plus it’s waterproof thus making it ideal for the humid conditions in bathrooms.

With the smooth and seamless surfaces, it’s easy to clean both the inside and outside of this trash can.

What’s more, this is a compact trash can designed to fit perfectly in tight spaces.

  • Decorative mosaic art
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Only one color

6. Rainbow Swing Lid Trash Can – Best for kids room

This a cute and kid-friendly trash can to keep in your kids’ bedroom or play room. It’s built with extra sturdy plastic so that it can withstand crushing and beatings during kids play.

Rainbow Swing Lid Trash Can – Best for kids room

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Absence of sharp corners or edges makes the trash can absolutely safe for your kids.

With the rainbow and cloud graphics, the trash can blends well with your kids’ room décor.

The trash can comes with a swing slid which keeps trash away from public view. The removable top allows you to remove filled trash bags with easy.

What’s more, you can use this around kids’ play areas in schools, hospitals, hotels among other places.

  • Kid-friendly trash can
  • Durable plastic
  • Swing lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and stylish
  • None

7. Vintage Decorative Trash Can

If you’re a vintage décor enthusiast, then you’re ready to go with this vintage decorative trash can. It compact round trash can takes little space in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, offices or craft room.

Vintage Decorative Trash Can

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It designed with quality stainless steel thus making it durable and resistant to rusting. The outer oil rubbed bronze finish and wooden bottom results in a vintage style which adds accent to your interior décor.

It’s easy to clean, thanks to the smooth and seamless construction. During cleaning, it’s recommended to use a soft cloth, mild soap and water.

You can use this trash can a storage vessel for small items like magazines, books, pens and so on.

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • Stylish vintage finish
  • Compact and space-saving
  • None

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