7 Best Degreaser for Garage Floor 2022

Oil and grease spills on the garage floor are quite uninviting and may result in awful odor. Best Degreaser for Garage FloorOrdinary degreasers might not get rid of oil and grease stains especially if the stains have lasted for long.

But with the best degreaser for garage floor, it is possible to remove even the toughest oil and grease stains. See some good options in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Degreaser for Garage Floor 2022

1. GP66 Miracle Multipurpose Degreaser

This is perhaps one of the most versatile degreaser you’re likely to come across. With this, you can clean almost any surface around your home or business premises. This is a safe and efficient degreaser for garage floor, driveway, walls, glass, indoor floors, furniture, kitchen appliances, the list is endless.

GP66 Miracle Multipurpose Degreaser/Cleaner

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GP66 degreaser comes as a strong industrial-strength formulation which can be diluted depending on the toughness of the stains you’re dealing with.

The strong GP66 formulation breaks through tough hydrocarbon chains present in grease, oil, hydraulic fluid among others. GP66 formulation works within a short time and does not require hard scrubbing.

Having been approved for use on food preparation surfaces, you can use it on kitchen appliances without worry. You can use it to degrease ovens, BBQ grills, pans and so on.

In addition, it does not toxic ingredients that can harm the environment or contaminate waterways.

  • Multipurpose degreaser
  • Ideal for floors and kitchen appliances
  • Strong and safe formulation
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • None

2. Oil Eater Degreaser and Cleaner

Available in a strong concentrate the Oil Eater offers an effective solution cleaning oil spills and degreasing. Each bottle comes with a chart which gives you ratios for dilution depending on whether you’re doing heavy, medium or light duty cleaning.

Oil Eater Degreaser and Cleaner

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For heavy duty cleaning like removing oil from the driveway and garage, dilute Oil Eater with an equal amount of water. This will give you a strong concentration for removing even older oil stains.

You can also use Oil Eater to clean machinery, machine parts, range hoods, Kitchen floor, bathroom tiles, carpet and so on. However, be sure to follow the indicated dilution guidelines to avoid damaging surfaces.

Oil Eater does not contain abrasive or acidic compounds which makes it safe on most surfaces.

Since Oil Eater is a biodegradable degreaser, it won’t cause harm to the environment and its inhabitants.

  • Effective degreaser for concrete and asphalt
  • Multipurpose degreaser/cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • Not acidic or toxic
  • Safe on plants
  • None

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3. Terminator-HSD Degreaser for Garage Floor

Terminator-HSD Degreaser uses an enzymatic activity to break down spilled grease and oil stains. No scrubbing is required. All you need to do is spread the powder on the stain and sprinkle some water. The bacteria present in this degreaser will eat away the stain over a period of time.

Terminator-HSD Degreaser for Garage Floor

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With this enzyme-based degreaser, you don’t expect instant results. Though it works slowly, it’s very effective in removing evenly the deeply seated oil spills. If you have oil spills on your concrete garage or driveway, then Terminator-HSD Degreaser is an effect cleaner to use.

Terminator-HSD Degreaser proves very effective in removing most petroleum compounds including fuels, oils, hydraulic fluid, grease and solvents.

Since Terminator-HSD Degreaser breaks down hydrocarbons into CO2 and water, it helps remove pollutants from the environment.

The ease of use makes it ideal for removing oil spills from large areas. Since no scrubbing or water is required, you won’t incur costs for pressure washing.

  • Effective on deep seated oils
  • No scrubbing or pressure washing
  • Works on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for large oil spills
  • Takes time to work
  • Gets washed away in case it rains

4. Oillift Concentrated Industrial-Strength Oil Remover for Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces

Professional cleaning service providers will find this oil remover very useful when cleaning residential and commercial premises. Armed with an industrial-strength formulation, Oillift provides an effective solution for removing oil stains from asphalt and concrete flooring.

Oillift Concentrated Industrial-Strength Oil Remover for Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces

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By soaking the surface, Oillift absorbs the oil stains thus dislodging for easy rinsing. When cleaning oil spills with Oillift, pour a thin layer over the oil stain and scrub with a heavy-duty brush. Use pressure washing to rinse the surface.

Since Oillift does not contain toxic chemicals, it won’t cause harm to people or aquatic ecosystems. Cleaning driveway oil spills with Oillift also provides an effective way of reducing pollution in waterways.

  • Industrial-strength formula
  • Effective on tough oil stains
  • Not toxic
  • Multipurpose
  • Does not harm aquatic life
  • None

5. ACT Garage and Driveway Oil/Grease Cleaner

With the ACT degreaser, it is possible to keep your garage and driveway clear of oil and grease stains.

ACT Garage and Driveway Oil/Grease Cleaner

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It makes use of extracellular enzyme activity to degrade petroleum compounds like oils, fuels, grease, hydraulic fluid and solvents. It’s also effective in cleaning animal waste, proteins, blood, gum, mold among other mess.

You can use on the garage floor, driveway, auto repair shops and areas where waste grease and oil is kept for disposal or recycling. ACT all makes an excellent cleaner for removing grease and oil spills on the floor around BBQ area.

The biggest admiration of using ACT formula is that it’s environmentally-friendly. It breaks down hydrocarbons into water and CO2, both which are harmless to the environment and its inhabitants.

Unlike other enzyme-based degreasers, ACT goes a step further to turn water and CO2 into water and oxygen. This results in a thorough degradation where no residuals are left.

What’s more, not only does ACT clean oil and grease stains but it also serves as an odor eliminator.

  • Removes tough oil and grease stains
  • Clears deep seated oil stains
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Not scrubbing or pressure washing required
  • Not an instant cleaner

6. EXIMO Oil and Grease Cleaner For Concrete and Asphalt

Give your garage floor and driveway its original look with the Eximo oil and grease cleaner. It makes use of highly effective degrading bacteria to break down oil and grease into water and CO2.

EXIMO Oil and Grease Cleaner For Concrete and Asphalt

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The strains of bacteria present in Eximo work effectively against most petroleum compounds including grease, oil, fuels, hydraulic fluids and solvents.

You can use on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, marble, stone, pavers and many more. Pressure washing with chemical degreasers does not remove oil that seeps through porous surfaces. Thus stains are likely to reappear on the surface when it rains.

However, the microbes present in Eximo are able to get through porous surfaces to clean up oil stains.

Unlike water-based or chemical degreaser, Eximo does not require you to scrub the surface or rinse with pressure washer. With Eximo, you only need to spread the powder over the surface and wait for 4 to 6 weeks.

Since Eximo degreaser doesn’t contain harsh or toxic ingredients, it doesn’t pose any danger to plants and animals in the ecosystem.

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • No scrubbing or washing off
  • Removes deep seated stains
  • Not toxic
  • Effective degreaser for garage floor
  • Takes longer to clear stains

7. Rust-Oleum Garage Degreaser/Cleaner

If your garage floor looks awful due to oil or grease stains, then you can effortless clean it with the Rust-Oleum degreaser. Armed with heavy-duty degreasing formulation, Rust-Oleum breaks down oil strains thus making it easy to scrub and rinse.

Rust-Oleum Garage Degreaser/Cleaner

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It’s an effective cleaner for removing tough stains like grease, oil, paint, fuels, hydraulic fluids, tire marks and so on. You can use it clean stains from the garage, driveway, walkways and so on.

You can also use it to degrease stained concrete surfaces that need painting. This allows the paint to adhere to the surface effectively.

Unlike some degreasers, Rust-Oleum does not require hard scrubbing or pressure washing. All you need is stiff brush and garden hose.

What’s more, this is an industrial-grade degreaser which can be used at home and commercial establishments.

  • Ideal for concrete and asphalt
  • Breaks down grease and oil stains
  • Heavy duty degreaser
  • Does not affect plants
  • Requires minimal scrubbing
  • Causes skin and eye irritation


The best degreasers for garage floor are formulated to break the strong hydrocarbon chains present in petroleum compounds. The above products prove very effective when it comes to removing oil, fuel or grease stains from concrete floors.

Some of them are multipurpose degreasers which you can use for other degreasing jobs at home.

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