7 Best Bear Proof Garbage Cans 2022

The best bear proof garbage cans are designed with heavy duty materials so as to withstand repeated toppling, clawing and biting. Best Bear Proof Garbage CansThis ensures that your garbage does not get spilled out when you keep it at the curbside for collection.

If you’re buying a garbage can for the curbside, ensure it is compatible with automatic or semi-automatic truck loading.

See some recommended bear proof garbage cans in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Bear Proof Garbage Cans 2022

1. Bearicuda Stealth 95 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

Bearicuda has been making the most reliable beer-resistant garbage cans since 2005. And with this 95 gallon garbage can, you expect a durable equipment to keep bears, raccoons and other animals from your trash.

Bearicuda Stealth 95 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

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Dubbed as the stylish garbage can in the market, it won’t look out of place when placed on the curbside.

It’s built using tough plastic materials which is intended resist tearing from the teeth and claws of an animal as string as a bear. The plastic is manufactured using rotational molding which is results in an extremely tough trash can for outdoor garbage collection.

The lid comes with a cavity which goes into the main body to seal the can against water and small critters. The lid closes so perfectly that it seals smell from the rotting trash.

The trash can works effectively with automated trucks. With the gravity-based latching system, the lid will open automatically when can is tilted by the truck’s automatic loading hand. The lid will latch back when the trash bin it returned to its normal position.

What’s more, the garbage can is able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions for quite a long time.

  • Resistant to bear tearing
  • Bear-tight lock
  • Ideal for automatic truck loading
  • Does not let in water
  • Seals odor
  • Stylish design
  • One of the heaviest garbage can
  • Highly priced

2. Bearicuda Stealth 2 65 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

By making use of advanced rotational molded plastic, this trash can delivers heightened resistance to tearing from bears and other critters. It’s is also tested against the harsh outdoor conditions including UV rays, strong wind and so on.

Bearicuda Stealth 2 65 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

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The steel rim reinforcing the edges of the lid are intended to make it hard for bears or to lift or rip it off. The sturdy metal hinges also make it difficult for bears to break into the cart from the back.

The lid closes tightly so that water won’t get into the trash when it rains. Plus it won’t let odor out.

Opening and closing the lid is made possible by the metal latching system which is hidden to shield it from rain. The system is fully compatible with the automatic garbage hauling trucks. It’s meant to unlock when tilted by the truck hand and release the trash without causing spillage.

Surprisingly, the lid won’t open when, the cart is toppled around by the bear.

The latching mechanism is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed and replaced in case it fails.

  • Withstands bear claws and bites
  • Bear-proof locking
  • Can be used with automatic garbage hauling trucks
  • Does not let in water
  • Stylish garbage bin
  • Equipped with wheels
  • Relatively pricey

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3. Bearicuda Basic 30 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

As the name suggests, this garbage can is meant to resist opening by bears. That said, you also expect it to keep off small animals like raccoons, squirrels and other rodents from the garbage.

Bearicuda Basic 30 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

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It is designed using HDPE which is capable of withstanding harsh weather and impacts when toppled around by a bear. Moreover, it’s coated with a UV light resistant material so that won’t fade easily when placed outdoors.

The top part and lid are reinforced so that it won’t get crashed whenever a bear fights with it. The fact that the lid is fastened by screwing makes it impossible for water to get in or odor to get out.

However, the materials aren’t hardy enough to withstand chewing. So, if you’re looking for a chew-resistant garbage can, the classic and stealth cans are better options.

The metal handles on the sides allow you to move the can from one place to another. The handles on the lid are meant to give you better leverage when opening or closing the lid.

  • Water and odor tight
  • Tough materials
  • UV light resistant material
  • Does not open when toppled
  • Not compatible with automatic loading
  • Prone to chewing from mature bears

4. Bearicuda Classic 32 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

With the Classic Bear-Resistant Garbage Can, you can keep bears, raccoons, squirrels and other critters away from trash.

Bearicuda Classic 32 Gallon Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

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Specialized in making garbage cans, the Bearicuda leads the market in making the most reliable garbage cans.

The use of heavy duty materials and advanced rotational molding technology allows the Classic Bear-Resistant Garbage Can to withstand harsh conditions. The materials are meant to resist degradation from UV light, extreme wind and so on. Plus bears won’t chew or rip it off with their sharp teeth and claws.

The materials are flexible and able to absorb impacts when toppled around by bears as they try to get into the trash inside.

Notably, the rims are reinforced with steel so that they won’t get crushed by a heavy weight bear.

The lid comes with a metal gravity-based latching mechanism which meant to work with the automated truck loading system. When the arm lift tilts the garbage can, the lid opens automatically to pour the trash into the truck. The lid closes automatically as the automatic arm returns to the can to its position.

  • Durable and bear resistant
  • Works with automatic truck loading
  • Does not let in water
  • Excellent style
  • Abit expensive

5. Toter Bear-Proof Garbage Cart 96 Gallon

Designed for curbside, the 96-gallon wheeled garbage cart offers the best solution for area that bears roam around frequently.

Toter Bear-Proof Garbage Cart 96 Gallon

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With the tough heavy duty materials, the trash can offers sufficient resistance to repeated chewing and scratching. It’s also designed to withstand impacts when it gets toppled and squeezed by the bear. For these reasons, it has received 3-star rating from the forest services for its robustness.

The lid comes with a steel rim reinforcement which further makes it impossible for bears to tear. Plus the steel hinges deny the bear the chance to break the lid from the back.

The design makes it possible to be emptied by using the automatic truck loading system. The lid opens when tilted by the automatic truck hand. However, the latch locking system won’t open when the cart is toppled around by animals.

With the pair of rugged wheels, it’s easy to tow the cart around. This makes it easy to empty the cart especially if the garbage truck is semi-automatic – just like with mole traps.

What’s more, the Blackstone finish allows it to withstand abrasion for many a prolonged time.

  • Designed for automatic and semi-automatic truck loading
  • Bear-tight construction
  • Blackstone finish
  • Double layered and steel rimmed lid
  • Bear tight steel lock
  • Mature bears are likely to break through

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6. Bearicuda Varmint Vault Garbage Can Rodent Resistant – 32 Gallon

Though not bear-proof, the Varmint trash can from Bearicuda delivers exceptional resistance small animals like raccoons and rodents. It’s built using sturdy plastic materials which are capable of withstanding repeated gnawing from rodents.

Bearicuda Varmint Vault Garbage Can Rodent Resistant - 32 Gallon

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It designed for both automatic and semi-automatic garbage trucks. The latching mechanism is intended to open the lid when the can is picked and tilted by the garbage truck automatic arm.

When the can is placed back on the surfaces, the latch mechanism keeps the lid locked so that critters won’t linger around.

The locking mechanism ensures that water doesn’t get in when it rains and does not let out odor from the rotting trash.

The lid comes with a rodent rim which makes it difficult to lift.

Overall, this garbage can is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. So, it won’t loss its shape or lustre when exposed to UV light and other harsh conditions.

  • Keeps off rodents and raccoons
  • Ideal for automatic garbage trucks
  • Durable
  • Stylish curbside trash can
  • Not bear proof

7. Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Garbage 50-Gallon Can

If don’t live in an area where bears roam around, then you’re ready to go with the Rubbermaid garbage can. It exhibits the ideal sturdiness to keep off small animals like raccoons, rodents, coyotes, dogs, cats, ravens and so on.

Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Garbage 50-Gallon Can

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You can use on the curbside, garage among other places.

It makes use of high-grade plastic which allows it to withstand harsh conditions. Notably, it won’t degrade quickly even under UV rays when kept outdoors.

The rim reinforcement results in heightened sturdiness thus making it extremely hard for small critters to open.

Designed for curbside collection, the can delivers the ideal convenience to automatic and semi-automatic truck loading.

The smooth and seamless construction gives you a lot of convenience when cleaning this garbage can.

The cart comes with a pair of heavy duty wheels which offer secure grip on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. They make it easy to move the cart from one place to another.

  • Heavy duty materials
  • Ideal for automatic truck loading
  • Easy to clean
  • Reinforced edges
  • Not bear proof


The rotting trash in outdoor garbage cans tend to attract bears, raccoons, rodents and other critters. If you live in a neighborhood where bears roam around, then it’s inevitable to have the best bear proof garbage cans.

Without a bear proof garbage can, bears will break into the bin and mess the place with the rotting trash. Not only is it inconveniencing but it might also get you in trouble with home owners association (HOA).

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